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Our mission is to grow a comfortable and supportive community for Asian youth and so we provide the opportunity for older high school students to mentor younger students from elementary to middle school. You can offer guidance and reassurance to those younger kids who don't feel like they have someone to talk to.

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1. You will get your mentee's contact information and you must talk or check in with them on a weekly basis.
2. You are expected to attend every monthly mentoring meeting as well as one support network meeting out of two.
3. Every week, a survey will be sent out to collect information about your discussions and input.

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With many social injustices coming into the spotlight, younger generations are much more aware and conscious of their identities. Despite this new awareness, little is being done to further educate and encourage children. We will serve as mentors to offer guidance and advice having gone through those experiences ourselves not long ago.


There is a lot you can offer to someone younger than you. Although with an open mindset, they have lots to show you about core lessons you may have forgotten. Listening and being nice to everyone are just two things every child is taught and yet many seem to forget.


Talking to someone on a regular basis to check in and learn more about them will without a doubt form a relationship. You will continue to want to help them and they will feel like they have someone to rely on.

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