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Spin It Again Codigo V 25 B46

I have a John Deere 125 Automatic. I repaced the drive fluid and put it back together nowI cant get the axle to ingage. I spin the pulley and pull the lever that hooks to the pedal and nothing. The axles will turn and the pulley will turn but it wont work together. the tag on the transmission isTuff Torq 768T2024010 S/N 40J-0017809 JDPP PN: AM 134582Thank You for your helpTerry Dimmer

Spin It Again Codigo V 25 B46

Hello,it is not a difficult thing to change an axle seal. If you need some technical pointers you can go to our Youtube channel and there is a video for changing the K58 axle seal and it is close to a K62 so you should be able to extrapolate the information you need. ( =FCOLQXsT8zg&ab_channel=TuffTorqCorporation) Also, you may want to inspect the bushings so make sure they are not pushing against the axle seal to cause the leak. The bypass or freewheeling lever has 2 O-rings and you can just remove the lever by tapping out the roll pin holding it onto the shaft and pick out the old o-rings and insert new ones, and put the lever back on.

Recently I broke the long shaft in my mowers k46 transaxle. I order a new shaft and seals and fitted them as required before topping off with 5w40 oil. All went well for about 25 minutes then I lost all forward power and had very little reverse power. There were no visible leaks around the casing and the oil level in the reservoir was low despite having put in 2.2 litres, any ideas as to the loss of power before i remove the case again?

I have a K46 in a Troy Bilt Mfg. date Jan 2015. Serial number is not readable on label. Transmission # is K46 1A6468-29902 (the 68 could be 66 or 88). Tractor does not move unless it is running for 15 minutes with pedal depressed for the entire 15 minutes. Then is will inch forward a couple inches, after another 5 minutes inch forward again and then slowly pick up speed and operate fine until it is shut off and cools down. Transmission is remove and I see the fill cap. Cap is intact but deteriorating and afraid it my crack when removing it. Is the cap available if needed? Also what oil can I replace with after draining case? Any thoughts on why forward or reverse movement is non-existent. Until if appears oil warms up?

Hello,If it is acting in that way and you have purged the hydraulic circuit of air then it is probably too much wear on the hydraulic parts that the fresh oil cannot make up for. A repair kit is a hydraulic rebuild and you would need that to get your transmission running like new again.


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