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EMV Software v8.6 Download: Free Demo and Full Version

Opmerkingen:I install Retail Pro for several Clients in America, with different requirements and Retail Verticals, but one common requirement is allow software to connect with thier ERP, and with the Retail Pro strong API, you can accomplish this. So, my experience has been mostly very positive.

emv software v8

Cost, period...But you are paying a Porsche for a Porsche, you know what I mean. This is a serious Retail software, for serious Retail business.You can use it in small business as well, as its perfectly scalable. So, If you foresee a bright future in your Retail Business, you can bet on Retail Pro.

It does 90% of everything we want & need. Frankly, that other 10% is probably unrealistic without custom programming. We get awesome tech support when needed, and I especially love the live chat feature that lets us ask quick questions. The product is very quick and easy to train an employee on and setting up levels of permission is awesome. We're able to delegate job duties easily with the different features. Receiving is a perfect example. That workstation is set up to be used completely differently than our cash registers. For example, we have three cash registers our of eight total machines running Retail Pro. Each has a unique function, and the software works well in supporting those varied functions simultaneously.

Some of the more intricate details of the software take quite a while to learn. It's easy for an average sales associate to use the main functions, but some of the higher level features get complex. The software can be "quirky" with some old features that were added on to, so there are features that are not intuitive. An example is polling: some things happen automatically and others require initialization. Like every time we add an employee to the system, it's a process to get them into other locations and requires higher-level knowledge.

No software is perfect. However, our experience with Retail Pro has been significantly better then our previous vendor. Our least favorite thing about the software is how it behaves with our unique discount structure. However, we have found ways to make it fit our operation.

Opmerkingen:I feel as though the company that sold it to me years ago completely took advantage. This product should not be sold to a startup or very small business. And the cost to maintain it should be clearly started before purchase. Thousands per year to maintain with software assurance and support ! I was recently quoted $15,000-$20,000 to upgrade and migrate from version 8.5 to prisim! Shame on you Retail Pro! I am extremely upset! Now I am stuck looking at new systems and pretty much starting over from scratch. Retail pro is a TRAP! Run for dear life!

COST!!!! It is way too expensive to maintain for a small business. I have been stuck in this software for years unable to update or upgrade it anything . Difficult to migrate to a new POS system because would lose historical data. I feel bamboozled!

Opmerkingen:We pay for the software assurance and don't seem to get any benefit from the program. We haven't had our system updated anytime recently, since we have so many features that are custom we always run into issues right after updates and it requires us to have down time and constantly figure out what caused the issues. We also seem to have a problem with the follow through on projects from Granite/Retail pro. Once we contact granite with an issue it seem like it's either pushed to the side or forgotten about. When Granite is reminded of the issue multiple times through emails and phone calls they will fix the issue, it seems like we are constantly reminding them about any issue we are dealing with. We are currently trying to update our system so we are compliant with the tls from Cayan. The process started well over a month ago and the updates still haven't been installed. Yesterday we were affected by the brownout from Cayan for over 45min and lost multiple sales because of the software not being updated even though we are trying to be proactive on our end.

When using central gift cards, scanning cards always creates a "?" after the last number. Retail pro has done nothing to fix this issue, we have had the system for almost 4 years now and still deal with this issue daily. Granite Info Sys informed retail pro about this issue days after implementing our new system and still the bug remains. Applying updates to the software isn't easy and requires us to pay our software provider each time an update is available. Reports function, reordering capability, inventory alerts, speed of processing gift cards all lacks. Lack of customization for loyalty programs, we had a lot of custom work done by our service provider, anytime we have an issue it costs money to figure out what's wrong because it's something that wasn't available in retail pro. Lots of bugs still in the software that haven't been addressed.

We have been using the software Retail Pro for about two months now at our single location, which is a Swimming Pool retail store. Since the day we first launched the software, we have had such an easy time conducting business with our vast customer base. Ringing in sales have never been easier, and we can now, for once, really track our sales by department and so much more. The software was very easy to learn and J.D. Associates was a big part of that! Their training process was not only well-performed, but our teacher made it fun as well!I'd recommend RetailPro and J.D. Associates to any entrepreneur or business manager!

Opmerkingen:I have been working with R Pro version 8 from 2003 to 2015 with Valentino and now with version 9 with Philipp Plein, as far as a retail system, from both the POS and the logistic side, its an excellent software. Easy to manage and use. The ONLY downfall is the EFT. At the POS, you really need to have a good, reliable, and when working with luxury retail, a sleek device to expedite EMV transactions. The 2 options offered by Cyan , your ONLY EFT choice, are for mass merchants, not a luxury boutique. As far as support, One Step Retail has been my partner of choice and they are second to none in support and sales. Over the years I had many special requests from upper management, and OSR were very quick on assisting and "making it happen".

After using Retail Pro ver. 8 for 13 years, version 9.4 does have some extra features that make getting needed information inside the program without running reports. You can customize screens and documents. The software is fairly intuitive. Conversion from version 8 to version 9 went smoothly without loss of data. The check in/out function of the software is improved in 9.4. Maintenance of data is much easier in this version and corrections can be done while users are using the software.

Retail Pro version 9.4 is VERY, VERY slow. The Purchase Order piece of the software has many bugs and the company is not responsive to fix them. The reports are inadequate and no customization is allowed without purchasing third party software. Even with third party software, the average user would not be able to sit down and customize a report, let alone create a new report. Basic information is unavailable in the reports delivered with the software.


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