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IOS 7 Style Keyboard Android : IOS 7 Keyboard 1.2 For Android Smartphones Free APK !!EXCLUSIVE!!

com.jb.gokeyboard.theme.igood_ios7black is the android app named GO Keyboard iPhone iOS 7 Black . Download GO Keyboard iPhone iOS 7 Black - Package Name: com.jb.gokeyboard.theme.igood_ios7black . Click here to download.

iOS 7 Style keyboard android : iOS 7 Keyboard 1.2 for Android Smartphones Free APK

This is the best iPhone launcher android app for those who want an iOS interface that is packed with cool customization features. Aside from giving your device an iPhone-look, it is also feature rich. Once you install and open the application, a welcome screen with an 'Experience' button appears. When you hit this button, you will be taken straight to the 'iOS' homescreen. This new interface succeeds in looking almost like the iOS 9 one. Although a bit different, the icons manage to transform your phone into an iPhone lookalike. The launcher also adds apps like memory cleaner and OneSearch to your phone. Moreover, it has an All Apps icon that displays an alphabetical list of all your applications. Finally yet importantly, One Launcher is light on your CPU resources, making for a lag-free experience.

This is another free iPhone launcher for Android that gets its name from the iPhone 6+. With an overall rating of about 3.8 stars on the Google Play Store, the 6+ Launcher performs as advertised. It does a great job of giving users the ideal iOS experience. It is one of the newer launchers in the market, which is still in the beta stage. This launcher does not replicate the iOS interface exactly, but it comes close. Additionally, it has some wonderful wallpapers. The 6+ Launcher has a My Apps screen, which allows you to pin applications to your homescreen by long pressing them. Unfortunately, this app comes with a lot of annoying ads that cannot be disabled. If you are not too keen on ads, you should consider a different iPhone launcher android app.


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