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RSD Max - Mentoring Program Fix

Maximilian Berger is a professional speaker, coach, and vlogger. After losing his job and having early success as a self-confidence and dating coach, the Founders of RSD (Real Social Dynamics) Nick Kho and Owen Cook invited the young Max to Miami where he would start his career changing lives through seminars and mentorship programs. Max has inspired and impacted the lives of millions - he chronicles the tough time in this interview and how that has shaped him as an entrepreneur and human being.

RSD Max - Mentoring Program

What do I mean by this? Like a lot of not-so-great programs out there, the accountability is thrusted on YOU. Think of a mother bird pushing her young off a tree branch in order to teach it how to fly, but then picture the bird only having one wing and then hurtling to the ground below and splatting on the bottom.

The whole program is just Max and his sharks planning to milk you every step of the way (even after you make your first 10k). What pisses me off the most is the self justifications and rationalizations they have for being sharks and lying marketers and bullying sales guys, where they actually think they are good people, living in their little bubble, and silencing all the complaints/negative reviews about themselves attempting to shove it under the rug.

Secondly, as a former mentee on the program, and having traipsed the darkest corners of the internet reading repeated, almost 1-2-1 identical testimony to this, I can add my voice to the chorus of disappointment and outrage over the shady, unscrupulous BS this course clearly is.

On her original volunteer application, Kipnis shared the following as her reason for being a GOTRSD coach: "I never had a program like this growing up. A self-esteem/ healthy choices curriculum is something I wish all children, especially girls, had access to. I hope I can share what I learn in our practices with others in the teaching/ coaching."

There has never been a more important time for mentoring, particularly in light of difficult circumstances. It provides the stability and guidance for youth as they manage their adolescence and, now, the unparalleled challenges resulting from the coronavirus. Students need the social-emotional scaffolding that mentoring provides to support their journey to college and career success.

Additionally, mentoring provided the stability and guidance for our students throughout this challenging time. Many of our students shared their struggles with learning and staying on track with us, but our mentors and staff stepped in to support them during this journey to get them to and through college.

Alliance members include Capital Partners for Education, Genesys Works, New Futures, Per Scholas, and Year Up. Each nonprofit supports a student through a portion of their journey towards a meaningful career and/or higher education. By joining the Alliance, we all agreed to co-locate in a shared office with dedicated classroom and event space, share resources, and expand our joint programming. Through this partnership, we will increase our overall sustainability and create a stronger community of support for the students and families we serve. To provide additional workforce development training and alternative paths to career success for those students who do not or cannot complete a four-year degree, we are working with the Alliance and have started partnering on programming and fundraising efforts.

Through in-depth research, interviews, analysis of programmatic outcomes and impact, and analyzing the broader educational landscape, we concluded that the path to greatest impact in the next three years lies in diversifying the range of programming opportunities we offer while increasing our capacity to serve a larger amount of students than we ever have before.

For the next three years, our goal is to build a more robust program that enables CPE to reach more students and produces more varied outcomes relevant to students living in a post-pandemic reality. Our support of putting students on a path of attaining upward economic mobility will extend to those who wish to pursue alternate career paths. We will accomplish this, in part, through partnerships that will allow CPE to quickly adopt programming complementary to our curriculum and extend our programming to new cohorts of students served by our partners. 041b061a72


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