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Aquarium Plants \/\/FREE\\\\

Shop the largest online selection of freshwater Aquatic plants for sale in North America. Dive into our collections of echinodorus, bucephalandra, stems, mosses, ferns and more. Aquatic plants help absorb harmful toxins in your aquarium water, acting as natural filtration. There are a bunch of different types of live aquarium plants with different requirements, so make sure you read the product description to ensure you have chosen the best plants for your aquarium setup. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We'd be happy to help!

Aquarium plants

Buce Plant only ships the highest quality specimen to your door. We have a strict inspection policy that makes sure you only get the healthiest plants for your aquarium. Note that due to the risky nature of shipping live goods through USPS, FEDEX, or UPS, we do offer 100% DOA guarantee. That means for whatever reason, if you receive your plants and they don't meet your standards, we will provide a refund, store credit, or replacement.

Our company was founded by hobbyists for hobbyists. Buce Plant is committed to providing only the best aquarium plants and aquascaping equipment. Our DOA guarantee ensures that the plants arrive healthy or you get your money back. Join team Buce Plant today and see why thousands of aquascapers trust us with their aquascaping needs.

To offer you many selection of rare plants. We also source exotic plants from top-rated growers ? world-wide. Then we take time to quarantine and grow them in our hydroponic greenhouse until they are happy and ready to travel directly to your door.

I ordered a variety of beginner plants. They looked mostly good when they arrived, some looked a little sad due to our cold weather. I planted and/or glued the plants in my aquariums about 3 days ago. So far so good. I'm happy.

Absolutely amazing! Bought this tank for my son and husband and I love the way these plants bring the tank to life! Not to mention the fish love them too! Just a couple weeks old and they are thriving!

I ordered several plants and I have to say that the echinodorus rainbow is my favorite. It is so full and healthy with great coloring and is larger than I expected (in a good way). I have it as a foreground plant and am hoping it thrives in my tank.

Received my first order of plants last week & I am very happy & pleased. Plants arrived in great condition, beautiful. Exactly what I ordered. Arrived in just a few days. APF will be my goto for plants from now on. Thank you!

All of the plants I ordered arrived quickly and looked amazing. None had any damage, and all were very full and bright. I've had no issues with pests or melting in the week or so they've been in my tank. All the bags come labeled, which I find to be a helpful bonus that other sellers don't do. When I'm in need of plants my first stop will be APF

I've ordered from AFP 3 times in the last 2 years for different project tanks. APF has consistently delivered healthy, viable plants at extremely competitive prices. Their sales and B2G1 allow for a far more dense initial planting, which gets my tanks looking better faster. The selection is unmatched anywhere else.

We keep fish, shrimp and snails with our plants. These algae eaters don't get sold, they live in these aquariums to eat any nuisance algae that could arise. We don't believe it's possible to supply live plants that are 100% free of snails/eggs, algae, or duckweed. Given that, we provide the highest level of care and attempt to minimize these natural elements as some consider them pests. We believe that snails are beneficial. Algae and snail outbreaks are typically the result of an imbalance and will be in harmony once balanced. The only way to get true 100% pest free plants is to buy tissue culture plants, however tissue culture plants have their own pitfalls such as higher costs, less immunity to diseases, and longer adjustment period to growing underwater in your planted aquarium.

When you want to add live freshwater aquarium plants to your aquascape, Modern Aquarium is the first place to shop. Our online store is always stocked with a wide variety of beautiful and healthy plants with individualized descriptions and care instructions for each. We also provide high-quality photos of all plants to allow you to choose the plants that you want to keep in your tank. Browse our entire selection of live plants here!

At Modern Aquarium, we strive to provide a streamlined and enjoyable shopping experience, an unparalleled selection of best live aquarium plants, and exceptional customer service. We want you to come back, again and again, to make your tank look best and enhance your aquascape. Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $79.99 when you shop with us!

All plants are different and have different needs. Some require a lot of light, fertilizer and CO2. Others will thrive will almost no help. Tropica has made selecting plants easy for you. All Tropica plants are marked with patented symbols that inform you about the difficulty of the plants. This way you can easily overview and choose the right plants for your aquarium.

Starting up a planted tank for the first time can be intimating for a beginner. You see all these beautiful photos of incredible aquascapes and videos of others using high-end CO2 systems. Creating a stunning planted tank may take lots of money and expertise. Some of you have visited here looking to add a few plants to add variety to your aquarium.

Below is a list of the easy care for aquarium plants for beginners. You can purchase them easily online. I have hand-selected reputable vendors and will discuss the pros, cons, and specs of each plant below.

Java Fern is the staple plant for any low-tech planted tank. It is very hardy and straightforward to take care of. Java Fern does not have many requirements and feeds off your water column. It has the added benefit of not being liked by most fish. This means they can be used in aquariums with fish that eat aquarium plants. It can be attached to rocks or driftwood. There are no substrate requirements for Java Fern, giving you freedom on how you create your aquascape.

The only downfall to Java Fern is its look. Java fern has a Jurassic look due to its unique shaped green leaves. Because of that look, many aquascapers tend not to like it as its shape stands out among more classical plants and groundcover.

Anubias is the ultimate easy to care for mid-ground plant. It will grow in any condition and is very attractive when fully mature. It is a very forgivable plant, and since it is column feeding, it can be placed anywhere. Many aquarists will attach this plant to driftwood or aquarium rocks since the rhizomes are best left in the open to prevent rot. Most fish will not eat it. It is one of the few plants that will work with Goldfish and African Cichlids. Like Java Fern, Anubias does not require a specialized substrate and will happily grow even in bare bottom tanks.

Java Moss is the moss version of Java Fern. It is a plant that many fish will not bother with, and it will grow in just about any condition. It is a forgivable plant that can easily be planted in your foreground or attached to driftwood or aquarium rocks. Java moss is an ideal plant for low-tech tanks as it will thrive without fertilizers or CO2. It feeds on your water column, making this a very worry-free plant. Java moss is an excellent plant for fish and shrimp fry. This plant will provide biofilm, hiding places, and security for young aquatic animals in a breeding tank.

There are two downfalls with java moss. Due to its form, java moss tends to get dirty from detritus and may need to be clean off with a powerhead. It also grows sporadically, making java moss not look as pretty as other groundcover aquarium plants.

This Amazon Sword offered in the link is the only source of tissue cultured Amazon Swords I could find online. The plants are shipped in a good size. Tissue culture plants ensure that the plant is pest-free, hitchhiker free (e.g., snails), and easy to introduce to your aquarium.

Remember that Amazon Swords are known to have leaves die off after planting. The plants do this to reabsorb nutrients to make longer, narrower leaves. This is very common if you purchase an Amazon Sword that has been grown outside of water. Amazon Sword requires the most light of all the plants on this list. I would recommend a quality planted tank LED if you plan on keeping one. It also needs a quality substrate to anchor, given its root-feeding nature and size.

If you are looking to do an aquascape style that requires a carpeting plant and want something easy to grow, Baby Tears is the plant to buy. It grows fast and,, once established, it is an easy grower. It requires medium light, which means you will want a planted aquarium LED since the light will need to penetrate down to the bottom of the tank. Its small leaves will offer an excellent contrast to other plants in your aquarium and give you that grass-like carpet that makes aquascapes look amazing.

Monte Carlo is grown as a tissue culture plant. These are lab-grown plants that are provided with clean environments. This means that you are going to receive a pest and disease-free plant. It also means this plant is easy to divide when you first plant them, saving you money.

Monte Carlos is not an actual low-tech plant. If you are looking to do a mass carpet, it is recommended that you consider CO2 injection. If you are using it as an accent to your other easy to care for aquarium plants, then you should not. Make sure to keep this in mind when you are buying this plant.

Cryptocoryne Lutea is an excellent mid-ground,, easy-to-care-for aquarium plant. It is slow-growing, so it will not require much pruning and will save you a lot of them with maintenance when it hits maturity. It is a very hardy plant and will grow in low light conditions. It is also one of the few plants on this list that can tolerate lower pHs. 041b061a72


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