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Platform One -Amavolovolo UPDATED

About HarnessHarness is the only end-to-end platform for complete software delivery. It provides a simple, safe, and secure way for engineering and DevOps teams to release applications into production. Harness uses machine learning to detect the quality of deployments and automatically roll back failed ones, saving time and reducing the need for custom scripting and manual oversight, giving engineers their weekends back. Harness is based in San Francisco. Please visit or @harnessio to learn more.

Platform One -Amavolovolo

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Now that the Contrast Application Security Platform has been accepted into Platform One, DoD teams wanting to use the Contrast Application Security Platform no longer need to go through a lengthy auditing and approval process required to obtain Authorization to Operate (ATO) but rather can put the Contrast platform to work immediately for continuous security observability of applications by seamlessly integrating it into the IDE, developer workflows, and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.

SAN ANTONIO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SOLUTE, a Sigma Defense company, today announced that it has been contracted by the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Cryptologic and Cyber Systems Division to support Platform One, an enterprise level DevSecOps platform that hosts mission application services for DoD customers. Platform One provides security-focused CI/CD pipelines for building containerized application images in addition to enabling secure, pluggable baseline configurations for Kubernetes clusters.

One Dynamics One Platform focuses on the convergence of Finance and Operations apps with Microsoft Power Platform, enabling customers to take full advantage of Power Platform with each Finance and Operations environment. These features improve the development, administration, and user experiences by removing barriers, tightening integrations, and enhancing cross-platform capabilities.

In this release, we will make strides toward enabling a one-transaction developer experience in which there is true transactional consistency between Finance and Operations apps and Microsoft Dataverse. Dataverse virtual tables for Finance and Operations apps will have improved performance and reliability. Developers will be able to select multiple legal entities to filter event registrations for Finance and Operations apps business events and data events. We will also converge the Finance and Operations batch framework with Dataverse jobs, maintaining a single scheduler across the platforms.

Information from Other Sources: We collect personal information through other sources such as third party data providers, social media platforms and joint marketing partners to help us offer our services to you. This personal information generally consists of business contact information such as email address, title, phone number and similar information.

By using one platform, and a common approach, we are leveraging new levels of connectivity, bringing our whole network together. Engagement Center is our enabler for this. Our single collaboration portal, offering global transparency and a real-time view of all your projects with us. Helping you strip away risk and see with clarity and connecting our PwC Data Platform, we streamline how we get your data, and put it to work fast.

Support includes LevelUP Platform One and LevelUP Platform One pathfinder product development through technical services of full-stack DevSecOps engineers, Cloud engineers, infrastructure engineers, and other key personnel to include: software engineers, programmers, developers, trainers and consultants. This includes but is not limited to software engineers, programmers, architects, Cloud architects, and developers that support the Government in constructing a secure, reliable, resilient, and assured set of software applications on the supporting Government and commercial tools and platforms.

Assistance with virtualizing and/or containerizing existing applications onto the cloud platform may also be required. These services will support the Government in constructing a secure, reliable, resilient, and assured set of software applications with supporting Government and commercial tools and platforms.

The Software DevSecOps BOA is structured to support platform development teams, platform & product onboarding teams, product development teams (applications), site reliability engineers, cybersecurity teams, and information technology support & operations.

You know that the Splunk platform is the ultimate tool to help advance your business on the path to resilience. You want to use it to see across hybrid environments, overcome alert fatigue, and get ahead of issues. You could be just starting out in your security journey and want to build an essential security foundation or if you're starting out in observability, you might want to accelerate your troubleshooting. You might be working in retail, telecommunications, or the public sector.

Like every use case in Lantern, each article is written with actionable, step-by-step guidance that you can follow to implement new use cases right away in your own environment. The articles describe the data you need, any add-ons that are required or helpful, specific SPL you can run, and useful next steps to help you go further with the Splunk platform. 041b061a72


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