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Last Of The Grads

Cut to the present and high school student Emma is eager to go to school so she can smile and stare at her crush Steve who waits until the last day of school to reveal he likes her back. And that too at prom.

Last of the Grads


When she reaches school, the first thing every student has to give up is their phone even though it's supposed to be their last night at school and would want to take pictures. Maybe the school had their own photographer and wanted to force students to pay for pictures?

"We collaborated with Vanda Glezakou at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and focused on assessing the feasibility of a novel porous material in the selective removal of carbon dioxide from other relevant greenhouse gases," Chapman said. "We published our work in RSC Materials Advances last year and are currently working on another paper with additional emphasis on how we can integrate the same material with enzyme catalysis to reduce carbon dioxide emissions further."

A class of graduating high school seniors, nearing the crossroads of their lives, celebrate their last night together at the annual school lock-in. They never could have guessed that they're about to encounter the harbinger of death, the legendary "Coast to Coast Killer."

"Welcome to your last day."De zachtaardige studente Emma Bradley staat op het punt af te studeren, maar is er eigenlijk nog niet klaar voor. Emma's beste vriendin Donna haalt haar over naar het jaarlijkse schoolfeest te gaan voordat hun levens voor altijd veranderen. Hun laatste avond samen staat echter op het punt in een bloedbad te veranderen met de komst van de legendarische 'Coast to Coast'-moordenaar.

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