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Oney Plays Mario 64 Mod

Oney Plays Mario 64 Mod

Oney Plays is a popular YouTube channel that features comedy gameplay videos by Chris O'Neill, also known as OneyNG, and his friends. One of their most viewed series is their playthrough of Super Mario 64, a classic 3D platformer game for the Nintendo 64 console. However, they did not play the original game, but a modified version that allows multiplayer co-op and online play.

In this article, we will explore the features and challenges of the Super Mario 64 multiplayer mod, as well as some of the hilarious moments and commentary from Oney and his friends.


What is Super Mario 64 multiplayer mod?

Super Mario 64 multiplayer mod is a fan-made modification of the original Super Mario 64 game that enables two or more players to play together in the same game world. The mod was created by Skelux, who also made other mods such as Super Mario Star Road and Super Mario 64: Last Impact. The mod can be played on a PC emulator or on a real Nintendo 64 console with a flash cartridge.

The mod allows players to choose from different characters, such as Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Peach, Toad, and Rosalina. Each character has their own abilities and stats, such as speed, jump height, and health. The players can work together to collect stars and coins, or compete against each other in races and battles. The mod also supports online play via a server program called Net64.

How did Oney Plays play the mod?

Oney Plays started playing the Super Mario 64 multiplayer mod in April 2016, with Oney being joined by his friend DingDong, who is also a game developer. They played the mod on a PC emulator using Xbox controllers. They chose to play as Mario and Luigi, respectively, and tried to complete the game as fast as possible. However, they encountered many difficulties and glitches along the way, such as falling through the floor, getting stuck in walls, and dying randomly.

Oney and DingDong also made fun of the game's graphics, physics, and sound effects, as well as the characters' expressions and animations. They often joked about Mario and Luigi's relationship, such as calling them brothers, lovers, or enemies. They also created their own voices and dialogues for the characters, such as making Mario say "Yahoo!" in a sarcastic tone, or making Luigi say "I'm gay!" whenever he got hurt.

The series was well-received by their fans, who enjoyed their humor and chemistry. The series has over 4 million views on YouTube as of September 2023. You can watch the first episode of the series [here].

What are some of the highlights of the series?

There are many memorable moments from Oney Plays' Super Mario 64 multiplayer mod series. Here are some of them:

  • In episode 1, Oney and DingDong tried to defeat King Bob-omb on the first level, but they kept throwing each other off the mountain instead of throwing him. They also had trouble getting past the Chain Chomp that guarded a star.

  • In episode 2, Oney and DingDong entered the haunted house level, where they encountered a giant piano that chased them and played loud noises. They also met a friendly ghost named Boo who helped them find a secret star.

  • In episode 3, Oney and DingDong went to the snow level, where they had to race a penguin down a slide. However, they kept falling off the slide or crashing into each other. They also tried to catch a baby penguin for its mother, but they ended up throwing it off a cliff instead.

  • In episode 4, Oney and DingDong entered the lava level, where they had to avoid burning platforms and fireballs. They also met a bully who pushed them into the lava. They managed to defeat him by pushing him back with their butts.

  • In episode 5, Oney and DingDong went to the water level, where they had to swim underwater and collect coins. However, they had trouble controlling their characters and breathing underwater. They also met a giant eel that scared them and bit them.

  • In episode 6, Oney and DingDong faced Bowser for the first time in his dark world. They had to dodge his fire breath and spinning tail, and grab him by the tail and throw him into a bomb. However, they kept missing the bomb or hitting each other with Bowser's tail.

These are just some of the examples of the hilarious and chaotic gameplay that Oney Plays experienced while playing the Super Mario 64 multiplayer mod. You can watch the complete series [here].


Oney Plays Mario 64 mod is a comedy gaming series that showcases the fun and frustration of playing a fan-made modification of a classic game. Oney and DingDong entertained their viewers with their witty commentary, silly voices, and creative jokes. The series also demonstrated the creativity and skill of the mod creator, Skelux, who made a multiplayer mode for a game that was originally designed for a single player. The series is a great example of how gaming can be a source of laughter and joy for both players and spectators.


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